RGB Image Encryption Algorithm Using RSA Algorithm and 3D Chaotic System

H. J. Yakubu1, S. B. Joseph2 and N. M. Yahi3

1Department of Mathematical Science, Faculty of Science, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria
2Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Maiduguri
3Department of Electrical/Electronics, Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-kenemi College of Education, Science and Technology, Bama, Borno State, Nigeria

*Corresponding author: yakubuhj@unimaid.edu.ng, doi.org/10.55639/607.080706


The Internet which is the global network is exposed to various threats. Therefore, the search for a better way of securing sensitive information either in transit or in storage is on the increase. A recent study on the RSA algorithm shows that gray scale images can be well secured using improved RSA algorithm that utilizes a 1-D chaotic map. However, today we have many sensitive images in RGB form and this necessitates the need to extend an improved RSA on grayscale imaging to colour imaging. In this paper, we adopted the confusion-diffusion technique where the RSA algorithm was used for image diffusion and a 3-D chaotic system called Shimizu-Morioka System was used for image confusion. A standard test image (Mandrill_colour_200.tif) was used for testing the proposed algorithm using three different sets of keys. Security analysis such as histogram uniformity analysis and correlation coefficient analysis were used in determining the strength of the proposed algorithm. Results from the analyses show that the proposed scheme is highly effective and can withstand any statistical and brute-force attacks.


Cipher image,
Chaotic map,
etric keys