Arid-zone Journal of Basic & Applied Research is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed bi-monthly, open access, and scientific journal devoted to the fast publication of high-quality original research, review articles, case studies, short communication, and in the main areas of basic and applied sciences.

Current Issue

Luteino Lorna Hamman, Sani Hyedima Garba, Tamunotonye Watson Jacks, Joseph Vandi Zirahei, *Nathan Isaac Dibal and Martha Orendu Oche Attah

AJBAR Vol. 1(3): 17-23 (2022),

Yahaya Tijani, Mada Umoru Alesa, *Sani Muhammad Uzairu, Babagana Modu, Ijudigal Zaria Abilenuwa, Muhammad M. Ibrahim, Miriam Watafua, Madu Adamu Gadaka and Hassan Zanna

AJBAR Vol. 1(3): 24-31 (2022),

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Arid-zone Journal of Basic & Applied Research (AJBAR) has six issues in a year. Each issue will be running issue and officially accepted manuscript will be immediately published online. State-of-the-art running issue concept gives authors the benefit of non-waiting confidence for the officially accepted manuscript to be published….Read More

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