Sine Type II Topp-Leone G Family of Probability Distribution: Mathematical Properties and Application

A. M. Isa1, S. I. Doguwa2, B. B. Alhaji3 and H. G. Dikko4

1Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Borno State University, Maiduguri, Nigeria
2,4Department of Statistics, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria
3Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna State, Nigeria

*Corresponding author:,


In this paper we introduced a new trigonometric family of continuous distributions called the Sine Type II Topp-Leone-G family of distributions. The new proposed family is more flexible than some of the existing families. The models of the family have many applications in physics, engineering, and medicine. Some statistical properties of the Sine Type II Topp-Leone-G family of distributions such as moments, moment generating function, quantile function and order statistics are derived. Maximum likelihood estimation method was used to estimate parameters of the model. Two real life datasets were analyzed to show the flexibility of the proposed model and the results of the analysis showed that, the proposed model was more efficient and best fit the data sets than its competitors.


Sine-G Family,
Maximum Likelihood,
Survival Function,
Type II Topp-Leone G,