On L-Fuzzy Fixed Point Results and Related Applications

Mohammed Shehu Shagari, Musa Balarabe and Kabir Lawal Yusuf

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Physical Sciences Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

Corresponding author: shagaris@ymail.com


Amidst several efforts in advancing fuzzy mathematics, a lot of
attentions have been paid to investigate novel L-fuzzy analogues of
the conventional fixed point results and their various applications. In this direction, a few new L-fuzzy fixed point theorems for L-fuzzy mappings are put forward in this paper. From application consideration, corresponding L-fuzzy fixed point results in ordered metric spaces are highlighted and analyzed. A nontrivial example is provided to validate the hypotheses of our obtained results. As some consequences, we note that the notions initiated herein complement, harmonize, and extend more than a handful of some recently proposed results in the related literature.

Keywords and Phrases:

L-Fuzzy Set,
L-Fuzzy set-valued map,
Fixed point,
η∗ – admissible mapping,
η∗ − ψ-contractive mapping
Metric space