Sine Burr XII Distribution: Properties and Application to Real Data Sets

*A. M. Isa, B. A. Ali and U. Zannah

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Borno State University, Maiduguri, Nigeria

Corresponding Author:,


New parameters can be added to expand families of distribution
for greater flexibility or to construct covariate models in several
ways. In this paper, a trigonometric-type distribution was
developed to generate a flexible distribution without adding
additional parameters taking the Burr XII distribution as the
base distribution. The new distribution is called the Sine-Burr
XII distribution. Some of the mathematical properties of this
distribution such as the moment, moment generating function,
entropy and order statistics were derived. The parameters of the
new distribution were estimated using the Maximum Likelihood
method. The applicability of the Sine-Burr XII distribution was
illustrated using two real datasets.


Sine G family,
Burr XII,
Moment generating
Maximum likelihood